Adult Chicken Pox Cures, Treatments And Remedies

adult chicken poxChicken Pox is usually seen among children since they are frequently exposed to different microorganisms. However, adult Chicken Pox appears to be more difficult to manage in comparison to acquiring the disease when one is younger. The reason is because adults are more concerned with how they look, have lesser tolerance to adjust symptoms and has the need to do something that addresses the virus and rash.

Before, people will go to a doctor readily and ask for a prescription of any antiviral just to resolve adult Chicken Pox but times have changed and the utilization of natural treatments and home remedies are current preferences by people now. This article attempts to provide a list of some common remedies employed in managing the condition.

Itching is the most frequent discomfort seen in adult Chicken Pox, and this may be remedied by either a home made rash cream or an herbal bath. The homemade cream is made by mixing marigold flowers and witch hazel leaves, which are both believed to have antiseptic and anti pruritus effect, plus water. The cream is usually applied on the rash overnight to address itchiness and prevent infection of lesions from the rash.

Herbal baths also provide relief to the itchiness of the condition. The common plants used with hot water are ginger and guava leaves both of which have soothing effect on the body and believed to also possess antiseptic properties. An oatmeal bag is also suggested as an alternative adult Chicken Pox bath since it may also provide relief to the symptoms of the condition.

During the period when the individual suffers from break out of skin lesions and erupting vesicles due to the virus. A famous natural treatment is the use of vitamin E oil over the wound is believed to heal the lesions and facilitate recovery from the illness.

Herbal teas are also advised to be sipped by those suffering from adult Chicken Pox. Catnip tea, chamomile, basil, lemon balm and licorice tea are the recommended types of herbal teas to provide relaxation and are believed to have cleansing effect.

Subscribing to an all fruit diet is also another home remedy for the skin. Fruits when taken not as a dessert but part of a meal are believed to remove body toxins while most health care personnel that its effect on the virus is more on optimizing the immune status due to the vitamins that these fruits contain.

The use of natural home remedies in adult Chicken Pox is not just part of jumping to the popular choice but because of the fact that the virus is a viral condition and medications would not be as helpful in killing viruses compared to killing bacteria.

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