Adult Chickenpox And Shingles – How It Is Extremely Dangerous For Adults

adult chickenpox

If you are an Adult and you have the Adult Chickenpox, you are at risk to some serious danger.

I’ve met and heard MANY stories about how the Adult Chickenpox has ruined people’s lives for several months!  If you are an Adult and have the Chickenpox, this information will be extremely critical to your health and your Chickenpox recovery.

The adult Chickenpox version is also known as Shingles.

The Chickenpox is caused by the varicella zoster virus, which belongs to the herpes family of viruses.

The severity of the Chickenpox virus varies from person to person.  Some people have a much more severe case than others.  For an adult to have the chickenpox, there can be complications – a lot more than children or infants.

For an adult with Chicken Pox, it is easy for it to turn into meningitis.  In adult males it is especially harmful as the high fevers and effects associated with adult acquired chicken pox include sterility.  Yes, you heard me… it is easy for men to become STERILE when you’re an adult.

Here is some IMPORTANT INFORMATION from various doctors:

The mortality rate and the infection is much higher amongst adults – in fact it can be deadly and leads to thousands being hospitalized every year as a result.

If you have a depressed or compromised immune system, it can be even more severe.  Your body needs to be able to fight off the virus effectively with a strong immune system.  Without a strong immune system, you are susceptible to further complication.

In the U.S. 55 percent of Chickenpox deaths are in the group of age 20+.

Before there was a vaccine available from 1990 to 1994, there were about 50 deaths from Chickenpox in children and about 50 deaths for adults every single year.  Most of these people were known to be healthy and didn’t have any medical illnesses that made them in the higher risk category of Chickenpox.

As you just read, this is an extremely dangerous disease to have if you’re an adult, due to a weakened immune system.

I had the Chickenpox and it was deadly.  Fortunately, I recovered a lot faster than I was supposed to (without taking the vaccine or harmful chemicals).  I did it with A LOT OF RESEARCH, interviewing doctors and finding experts on the subject.  I did it in a natural, safe and effective way with certain Chickenpox remedies, Chickenpox treatments, and Chickenpox cures that I discovered.

With what I’ve learned, I’ve been sharing it with thousands around the world and people have been telling me how it has cured them of Chickenpox within a few days instead of weeks and months.  I wrote an e-book program.  And it WORKS.  To find out more, click here.


  1. Hi
    Very nice and intrestingss story.

  2. wait, so having pox is like having herpes? Freaky. 

  3. Yeah you are right Stefan, Adult chicken pox is really a serious danger. That’s why I’m afraid of CHICKEN POX…

  4. “I had the Chickenpox and it deadly.” Holy crap man! I didn’t realize you could still write articles after getting zombie pox!

  5. I found this site through google. And I am glad I have found this. :)


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