Can You Get Chicken Pox After Vaccine?

chicken pox after vaccineImagine, you planned a day out with friends. Or even a day out with family. You get all excited about the said preparation but then, you feel a fever come creeping in. Coughing emerges soon after, you start to have runny nose and then you feel itchy and you look at your chest to find red spots all over. Your plans with friends or family has been crashed and burned, not thanks to Chicken Pox. Chicken Pox is a highly contagious illness caused by varicella zoster virus and it would usually start with rashes on the head and the body rather than the periphery. Chicken Pox is an airborne disease and can be spread easily through the sneezing of those who suffer from this illness or cough and even, direct contact with the rashes that are found on the body of the said person can cause you to suffer from the same illness after a few days as well.

So let’s say you’ve already been vaccinated. Is it still possible for you to suffer from Chicken Pox after vaccine? Yes, it is possible. There are 2 situations in which you can have Chicken Pox after vaccine. But very rarely does this happen because of the vaccine itself. No vaccination can be 100 percent effective in preventing the disease and after the said vaccination has been given. Some people would not develop Chicken Pox after vaccine has been given, but the disease can be developed because of their weak immune system. But, the vaccine itself can prevent the growth of the disease and can prevent them from attacking the said person who already had the vaccination.  If the person does have Chicken Pox after vaccine then it is caused by the breakthrough of the infection in their body and this can be caused by a wild-type of varicella virus and the breakthrough can usually cause fewer skin lesions and the attack would usually be mild on someone who has Chicken Pox after vaccine then the usual Chicken Pox that some people who have not yet taken the vaccination.

If you do suffer from Chicken Pox after vaccine, there are lots of ways to relieve the itch. There are numerous and natural ways such as to stop the itching of Chicken Pox after vaccine, the application of the Calamine lotion on the part of the body where the rashes have grown. This lotion can soothe the person and can stop the itchy feeling, relieving the person who has suffers from Chicken Pox after vaccine.

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  1. I’ve suffered from chicken pox after vaccine and this blog helps on how to relieve the itchiness and pain. Thank you, 100% appreciated.

  2. Is calamine lotion good for eveyone and any occasion or there is contraindication for it?

  3. I have a plan to have that vaccine to prevent chicken pox, but I am still interested to read your book containing Fox Chicken Pox Cure because there is still a chance to have a chicken pox after vaccine.

  4. I have vaccinated last month. Still,I am afraid that I may have those contagious illness. How many months is the range of a vaccine?  If ever I may have a Chicken Pox, I will apply what is written in your book. I have already read your book and it is really nice.    


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