The Ultimate Chicken Pox Diet

chicken pox dietA Chicken Pox diet is something that is often overlooked, but is a crucial element to cure this virus as quickly as possible.

There are certain foods, that when consumed, can speed up the recovery from the virus.  And there are other foods, that when consumed, can make things WORSE and make your condition take longer to recover from.

First, it's important to understand that Chicken Pox is a VIRUS.  When suffering from the virus, your body is put under a lot of stress and is working extremely hard to try to fight off this virus from the body.  It only makes sense to have a solid Chicken Pox Diet to give your body what it needs and support it in fighting off this virus.

What your Chicken Pox Diet needs to be made up of is good nutrients, vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and easy for your body to digest.

Most foods, such as meat, dairy, breads, sugar, etc… are difficult for your body to digest and your body can't properly absorb all of the nutrients from them.  You want to be sure to exclude these foods from your Chicken Pox diet.

So, what kind of foods should you be consuming to cure this virus fast?  Great question!

You want to be eating foods that are rich in water, so your body can easily digest them and absorb the nutrients.  So for example, fruits and vegetables, such as: watermelon, kiwi, oranges, blueberries, spinach, cucumbers, tomatoes, wheat grass, sprouts, etc…

When you put these powerful foods into your Chicken Pox diet, you will notice a huge boost in energy and your body will be able to cleanse itself from the toxins and fight off the virus faster.

I also recommend natural juices.  Such as cranberry juice, or orange juice.  Make sure everything is organic and natural.  Stay away from preservatives and juices added with chemicals.  Also, vegetable juices are great too.

Another suggestion is juicing your own fruits and vegetables.  You can get a juicer and do this at home.  Or, use a blender and make a smoothie filled with fruits and veggies.  This makes things easier for your body to consume, even if you have a low appetite from virus or have a sore throat.

If you follow this Chicken Pox diet, you are going to be well on your way to cure this virus and rash fast.

To cure this skin condition fast, you need to address healing the body INTERNALLY as well as EXTERNALLY.  Diet is one aspect of curing the virus, there is also dealing with the rash, blisters and itchiness.

For a detailed Chicken Pox Diet Meal Plan, and step-by-step instructions on how to cure this contagious virus fast, check out my popular e-book program.  It will give you strategies on how to cure this infectious skin condition in less than 3 days – guaranteed!

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  1. Thanks, a good Chicken Pox diet is so important for good health and for fast recovery.

  2. my mother let me are melons and other watery fruits. It’s easier to swallow those foods. 

  3. Now I know that water melon  can speed up the recovery from the Chicken Pox. Thanks for this information Stefan. I really want to know more about chicken pox too. Hope I can get your e-book soon.

  4. Are we allowed to eat potatoes during chicken pox?? 
    how long does it last for ? 
    when can we start eating eggs and chicken 
     please do tell me the answers

  5. I like eating junkfoods. Is it okay if I will eat those when I have a Chicken Pox?

    Please do answer me.

  6. many told me not to eat salty things or use salt in anything i cook. is it something to take care of or is it okay to use salt
    reply asap…..


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