Chicken Pox Exposure – Will I Get The Virus?

chicken pox exposureLike it or not, Chicken Pox exposure is often enough for an uninfected individual to get the virus. This is because the Varicella Zoster Virus which is responsible for the skin condition and can spread through the air while in the presence of someone infected with the virus. Hence, if someone with the virus suddenly coughs or sneezes in front of an uninfected individuals, there’s a good chance that the person would be suffering from the virus later on. Another method of how this virus spreads is through physical contact with the infected individual especially on the rashes area.

So to answer the question: Will Chicken Pox exposure cause a person to have Chicken Pox? The short answer is yes.

How Long Before it Appears?

After Chicken Pox exposure, there is usually a dormant phase of two weeks before the first symptoms appear. People with autoimmune problems might find the virus activating as early as ten days after exposure.

Chicken Pox exposure symptoms include fever and headache which could last from one to two days. The fever would start to abate once the rashes start to appear, upon which they will progress into fluid-filled pustules before cracking and crusting. A person with the virus is contagious starting from the day before the rashes appear until the lesions start to crust. Crusted lesions are no longer a problem although it might take some time before they fully disappear. In some cases, scars are left behind – especially if a person scratched the area where the lesions grew.

How to Avoid Chicken Pox

Chicken Pox exposure is inevitable and is practically part of growing up. There is really no way of avoiding it as it can hit a person at practically any age although it is usually the children who suffer from the virus. The good news is that the virus is no longer as serious as it used to be and there are now well-established measures to cure the virus.

Currently, the most effective and recommended cure for Chicken Pox exposure is through natural methods. This method aids the body to naturally battle the virus without the introduction of any medicine whatsoever. Compared to the scientific approach, this is actually better as some people find themselves incapable of tolerating the medicine provided for the condition. At the same time, it has been revealed that the natural approach provides faster and more satisfying results. Of course, the fact that household items are used for the cure also makes the natural method cheaper than the usual.

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  1. This blog is very informative on how to avoid chicken pox. I really love it. Thanks!

  2. I have never been sure if Chicken pox exposure can cause one to get get the pox too. But im done with having pox when i was young so i think i wouldn’t have any problems any more. Yeah! 

  3. I’m thankful that I came across your site containing this information about chicken pox. It really helps me because I’m having chicken pox now.

  4. I really don’t like to have Chicken Pox. It is scary. I will strengthens my immune system as what is written in your book. Thank you for publishing your book,Stefan. 


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