Chicken Pox Images To Identify Stages Of The Rash

You may be wondering what the Chicken Pox looks like, which is why it’s important to look at several Chicken Pox images to identify the different stages of Chicken Pox.

chicken pox images

There are four stages of the rash and throughout these stages, the symptoms of virus progress.

The first stage of the virusis known as the Pre-Eruptive Stage.

This is before any rash or blisters appear.  The first symptoms of the virus are usually a fever, back pain, shivering, malaise, a cough, or body aches.  This stage is brief and usually lasts around 24 hours.  For adults, this stage of the skin condition usually lasts longer and can be much more intense.

The next stages of Chicken Pox is known as the Eruptive Stage.  This is where the rash and blisters first appears.

The blisters and rash usually appears on the trunk, and then on the face, arms and legs.  I've put up some Chicken Pox Images for you to see for yourself just what it can look like.

During this stage, the rash of blisters will begin to be filled with fluid and pus.  This is when you're most contagious with the virus.  You want to avoid being around anyone that hasn't had it before, as you will put them at risk of getting the virus as well.

Below are some Chicken Pox images for you to get an idea what the rash and blisters look like.

chicken pox images

chicken pox images

chicken pox images

chicken pox images

chicken pox images

As the virus and rash heals, it will begin to crust over and the blisters will begin to scab.  Hopefully the Chicken Pox images above illustrate the different stages of Chicken Pox.

It's important to take the necessary steps and precaution to avoid any marks or scars from forming, and for your child or yourself to cure the rash as fast as possible – in a safe and natural way.

To find out how to cure Chicken Pox in 3 days or less, click here.

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  • Juny Arnoza

    I only the beginning and the end.. aahh so there are stages.

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    I’ve got great information in your blog Stefan. Now I know the four stages of CHICKEN POX. I’ve read your e-book program. So nice, I’ve got all information that I need regarding chicken pox.

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    I have a Chicken Pox now and I hardly identify what stage I am. I will send you the pictures. 

    I have read your book and I started to apply it.

  • Rachel White

    I had the chicken pox when i was six i was unwell for two weeks.I could walk I was being sick all over the place but when i went back to school in thee afternoon some weirdos got jealous because it was friday afternoon i didnt need to do anything