Chicken Poxs – Info, Symptoms And Treatment

chicken poxsChicken Poxs is known to be a highly contagious illness and this is caused by the primary infection of the varicella zoster virus. This would start with vesicular skin rashes that are found mainly on the head and the body that would grow to become itchy, raw pockmarks and would heal without leaving a scar and on examination, the one who observes would typically find lesions at some stages of the healing process.

Chicken Poxs is known as an airborne disease and are easily spread through coughing, sneezing or coming in direct contact with the rashes of the person who suffers from this illness. The signs or Chicken Poxs rashes would appear after one to two days after being infected and this would continue for at least 4 to 5 days after the appearance of the red itchy, rashes on the body. If you have come in contact with a person who suffers from the skin condition, it takes at least 10 to 21 days for you to develop and suffer Chicken Poxs signs and symptoms.

When suffering from this virus, you would come across the symptoms including nausea, sore throat, fever, myalgia, pain in both of the ears, complains of pressure in the head or swollen face. Within children who suffer from the virus, they would have the usual development of papular rashes on the body that would be followed by malaise and fever.

The itching would be something you wouldn’t want to put up with while you suffer from Chicken Poxs and its symptoms. The itchy feeling that one would have to suffer would cause you to stay up late night because of the uncomfortable feeling of the itchiness on your body. The first thing that you should never ever do is to scratch the rashes. This would cause it to be infected and leave scars. So what is the best thing to do when you suffer from this itchy sensation?

There are lots of ways, and some of these ways would come with natural treatment. Like the application of Calamine lotion on the spot that you have the rashes. This would stop the itch and sooth you of the Chicken Poxs itch. Another would be to bathe in oatmeal. And oatmeal bath would stop the itch as well, so take finely ground colloidal oatmeal like aveeno in good use. If you don’t have this available, you can use blended dry oatmeal or even ground up oatmeal in your bath.

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  1. I just hate how pox leaves marks in your skin as aftermaths of it. 

  2. It’s not easy to experience this kind of virus, so itchy.. Want to know more treatment. This book is very useful for me. Thanks Stefan!

  3. I have a Chicken Pox now and I am confuse about where I got the virus. No one has Chicken Pox in my family even outside. Is it really possible for me to have this?

    I love on having your book,really!


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