How Long Does Chicken Pox Last?

how long does chicken pox lastHow long does the Chicken Pox last exactly?

The answer to that question usually depends on a wide array of factors. For example, who exactly is suffering from this contagious virus and how does their immune system fare against the virus? Obviously, a weaker immune system would be dealing with the virus for a longer period of time unless the problem is immediately addressed.


After contracting the virus, the Chicken Pox would usually remain dormant for as long as several weeks. Once they start to move, the carrier would experience fever which could go as high as 108 degrees Fahrenheit. This would usually last for three days before progressing to the more familiar rashes. Within the course of a week, these rashes would rise and fill with fluid before drying out and crusting. If a person is lucky, they would only be suffering through the crusting stage once. However, in most cases, new rashes appear as soon as the old ones start their healing. Hence, pinpointing how long does Chicken Pox last is not always possible.

Home Remedies And Treatments

Of course, it’s not necessary to simply allow the virus to run its week-long course. It’s possible that individuals control how long does Chicken Pox last in their bodies using natural treatment methods early on. For example, a person could choose to bathe in water mixed with special herbs during the early stages of the rashes. This would minimize the possibility of those rashes maturing and turning into the itchy fluid-filled pustules.

Some examples of herbs that have been used against the rash include aloe vera for the itchiness, nettle for skin healing, boneset for controlling the fever and sandalwood for cooling the skin. Most of these items are readily available or may be purchased cheaply at stores.

Natural Methods Or Medicine?

Of course, there is also medicine introduced to control the rash. However, recent studies have shown that the natural methods work better in terms of comfort and speed. Applying only the herbs and home-made remedies, many children and adults found themselves being conveniently relieved of the irritating itchiness. At the same time, the amount of pustules and the rate of their growth have significantly decreased.

The Verdict

So how long does Chicken Pox last exactly? The uncomplicated answer is up to one week. However, the answer to that question can shrink significantly if a person applies natural remedies early on.

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  1. A very interesting blog about curing of chicken pox.

  2. I tried bathing in water with epson salt when i was young… it decreases the itchiness too. 

  3. Thanks for knowing aloe vera, that is one of the natural treatment in chicken pox to prevent itchiness to the infected part. This is great article. Thanks Stefan!

  4. Really scary. I have it before and it takes week to heal. Thanks god, that there is a treatment within days. I will share it with my friends and I will convince my colleagues to buy your book.


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