How To Avoid And Get Rid Of Chicken Pox Scars

chicken pox scars

Chicken Pox Scars are very common amongst those who have the Chicken Pox who don’t treat this disease properly or fast enough.

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The scars from the Chicken Pox are usually due to either a) the spots/rashes on your body begin to crust and can leave a scar, or b) if you’re scratching/itching the spots/rashes then it will result in scarring.

Obviously, the best thing to do is to AVOID scarring all together.

But, I will share with you some quick tips on how you can remedy Chicken Pox Scars.

Vitamin E Oil

You can buy this at your drug store or health store.

Vitamin E oil is a very emollient oil that can nourish the skin, as well as loosening dead skin cells.  Once these skin cells become detached from the skin, they can be sloughed off, allowing new skin cells to come through to create a balanced skin tone. To use, simply massage the vitamin E oil onto the areas of discoloration and scarring for at least two minutes. You can use vitamin E oil for scarring on the skin up to three times per day.


Oatmeal is incredibly moisturizing and helps reduce redness on the skin while gently exfoliating skin discoloration. Oatmeal can be used on chickenpox scars by massaging raw oats onto wet skin for two minutes to lift off dead skin cells, or by creating a mask to apply to the skin. To make the mask, soak 1 cup of raw oats in 2 cups of hot water. Wait for the oats to cool, and apply it to the skin for 10 minutes. Rinse well with water.

Baking Soda

Baking soda is an alkaline substance that is a powerful and effective skin scrub that buffs off skin discoloration and scarring quickly. You can make a baking soda scrub by mixing 2 tbsp. of baking soda with a drizzle of water so that a soft paste is created. Gently massage this paste onto the areas of scarring for one to two minutes, then rinsing it thoroughly with water.

That’s just a few things that can help.

In my e-book program I go into how to AVOID Chicken Pox scars and how you can remove them as fast as possible with some more easy, fast and natural treatments.

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  1. my daughter ended up with a few scars after her chicken pox but i am happy i found this article and your book. i did this stuff in the article, but more importantly the things i used in your book were 10X more effective to be honest. just wanted to say thanks :o)

  2. Thank you for this, I have been really annoyed with all the scars. Where do I get the e-book?

  3. Needs for me to read your book. I have many scars in my legs. So annoying..

  4. I’ve got your e-book and it is really informative.I will share it with my friends.


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