How To Remove Chicken Pox Scars

how to remove chicken pox scarsThe Chicken Pox is a virus that usually occurs during childhood, but many adults can experience it as well.  The biggest symptom of the virus is the blisters and rash that cover the entire body.  As a result of these blisters and rashes scabbing over, it can lead to Chicken Pox scars.

Some people have permanent scars from having the virus early in childhood, others from experiencing it as an adult.  In this article, I'm going to share some tips on how to remove Chicken Pox scars.

Vitamin E Oil: Apply Vitamin E Oil on the skin or area where there is a scar or mark.  It is well known for its healing properties and will help make any scars fade.

Consume Vitamin K: By consuming foods with Vitamin K (or a multi-vitamin or supplement), it is known to help in preventing scars and is good for the skin and for making scars slowly fade away in time.

Lemon: Cut an organic lemon in half and gently brush it over the area where the scar or mark is left.  You can do this several times throughout the day.

Drink Water: Make sure you're well hydrated and drinking a lot of water.  This will help flush out toxins from the body and can have an affect in eliminating scars.  You could even consider going on a cleanse that will allow your body to flush out a lot of the toxicity, thus making your skin appear much smoother and cleaner.

Honey: Use organic honey on the scars and leave it on the area for at least an hour.  Maka honey is great and has been used for thousands of years as a home remedy on many different ailments, including all types of scars.

There are also many alternative solutions on how to remove Chicken Pox scars, such as natural remedies, photo facial, laser lights, surgery, etc…

These ugly scars don't have to last a life time.  There are specific things you can do to naturally get rid of and remove Chicken Pox scars by following certain procedures.  You want to make sure you use a natural, safe approach – as this will be best for your skin long-term and help your skin remain smooth and natural.

To find out a step-by-step, easy method to remove Chicken Pox scars, click here!

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  • Michele

    I caught chicken pox five weeks ago and now it leave me more than 20 scars and holes on my face and it look awful and I'm so depress? I have try bio oil, vitamins oil everyday twice a day…seem like the scar still not fading out…..? Any suggestion, please help!

    • edna

      fill the tub with salt and curry powder (not the chili powder) n u just lay down for 1 hour r day!!!!hope u will get better soon

    • Gilgr8

      Get some lazer tretment if you REALLY want to get rid of it, or ask your doctor

    • Sumayya Aloor

       hi i got chicken pox 3 mnts ago… and wati noticed is using fresh organic  turmeric paste(made at home) and apply it n the scar… it will help fading and its a good medicine too ..using turmeric will make ur skin yellow for some ime.. inorder to avoid that u can mix turmeric paste with coconut grinded water(take the white part and all little water and grind it in a blender and take the coconut water out of that.. usually we say coconut milk for that..add coconut milk to turmeric paste and apply it on ur face.. makes ur skin luks flawless. and fresh and makes ur scar shrink and fade.. or either u can try lacto calamine.. thats wat i do.. coze this turmeric thing consumes time to make.. and one of my cousins who is physician recently told me to apply aloveera cream .. so gud luck.. good oraganic honey also helps..( i dont believe in these company products..  i buy honey from tribes)  makes sure the honey u buy honey doesnot have an expiry date.. coze.. organic honey doesnt have ..and try lemon too.. or try orange paste ( home made ) ..

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  • sneha

    its around 2 yrs……bt d marks or scar of the chicken pox is still not gone…….pls help……..

    • Parth

      same its been 3 years for me and my face is covered with few chicken pox holes

  • Juny Arnoza

    I tried aloe vera and some skin products after having mine.. good thing i was still young and skin is yet to mature and develop.

  • bsd

    i m 22yrs will happen in this age?i had scars on my full body nt only in face,and nw i think 7 mnth alredy gone but there spots r nt going what i do?doctor says u will very soon bcm healthy bt plz give suggetion

  • Lata Dhupar

    Thank U for ur suggestions

  • Dennise

    What are those Vitamin E oil? I have a lot of Chicken Pox scars all over my body. I hate this. It didn’t help me in boosting my confidence. Can I have your e-book? I am very much interested.