How To Stop Chicken Pox Itching Instantly

chicken pox itchingThe most common symptom of the Chicken Pox that goes along with the rash is the dreadful Chicken Pox Itching, which is a result of the tons of blisters and rash that cover the entire body.

The uncomfortable itching is part of the process to recover fully from the disease.  Once you get through it, the blisters will begin to scab over and eventually fall off.

I want to share with you some useful tips on how to stop Chicken Pox itching.

Bathing Procedures To Stop Itching

One of the most beneficial techniques to stop Chicken Pox itching is by using a bathing procedure.  When you step into a bath, you engulf your entire body under water.  This allows you to use an effective remedy in the bath to soak into the parts of the body that are infected with blisters.

For example, there is the popular oatmeal bath.  You can simply blend up dried oatmeal and mix it into a lukewarm bath.  Baking soda is also another popular one.

Avoid Scratching!

One of the worst things you can do to aggravate the Chicken Pox itching is to scratch the blisters or rash.  The more you scratch it, the more it will itch, and the worse it will get.  If you just mentally ignore the itchiness, eventually you won’t have as much desire to scratch the blisters.  It does take practice, but the biggest lesson here is to avoid scratching at all costs.

One technique is to tape oven mittens to your hands.  Also make sure fingernails are trimmed and hands are clean at all times.

Use Special Oils Or Lotions

There are effective oils and lotions that you can use once you’re out of the bathtub to apply to the skin that will dramatically reduce Chicken Pox itching.  You will most likely want to experiment to see what is the most effective and what isn’t.  Some work better than others.

If you apply some of the tips provided here, you are well on your way to stop Chicken Pox itching.

To cure this infectious skin condition fast, you need to do a lot more than stop the itching.  You will need to deal with helping your body fight off this virus that’s inside your system, as well as help your body heal properly from the scabs and avoid any scarring from happening.

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  1. Thank you for this, i can’t stop the itching and i keep really digging my fingers into the itch. 

  2. Now I know that bathing procedure is needed to stop chicken pox itching. Thanks for that information Stefan.

  3. What are those Vitamin E lotions? I really need those. I can’t help scratching the itch part of my body. The information from yours helped me.


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