The Most Common Symptoms Of Chicken Pox

symptoms of chicken poxPeople are exposed to several microorganisms may it be bacteria or viruses on a regular basis whether it be in school, at home or at the work place. This makes it difficult for medical personnel to identify which of the one thousand microscopic living things might be making us sick especially if these pathogens are manifested similarly to each other.

A disease that is commonly confused with others is Chicken Pox hence, it is important to recognize the symptoms of Chicken Pox. Skin lesions are the most easily noticed and most frequent sign seen among those who contracted the disease.

It must also be noted that among the symptoms of Chicken Pox, this is the most variable and its appearance is dependent on the phase of the illness. It typically begins with macules or small, flat red rashes that initially appear on the central part of the body such as the head and trunk and described as very itchy. These lesions become elevated due to being filled with serous fluid and are now called vesicles, are spread to the arms and legs in a matter of 4 to 5 days and cause discomfort to the client because of its itchiness.

After a week of fully manifested symptoms of Chicken Pox, these vesicles will dry up and appear like wound scabs.

Other symptoms of of this skin condition are the presence of febrile episodes for two to four days as a response of the body to fight of the invading viruses. Easy fatigability, generalized weakness, lack of appetite may also be seen so that the body may focus on fighting off infection and resulting from sore throat and stomachache from the inflammatory response are also associated symptoms of Chicken Pox.

These symptoms are resolved on its own as soon as drying of the fluid filled skin lesions begins, but there are also manifestations that have to be carefully watched out for these are early warning signs of complications.

These symptoms include cough and changes in breathing pattern that may mean pneumonia; changes in speech, level of consciousness, episodes of imbalance and headache are other Chicken Pox symptoms that need to be checked since these may mean neurological involvement.

Careful assessment and taking note of these symptoms of Chicken Pox is crucial in rendering a prompt and proper intervention to address the condition may it be from a .medical approach or use of natural home remedies for this skin disease.

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  1. I thought I was having the pox again, thank you for this article that which told me it wasn’t pox. Ha3x

  2. I am afraid I may have the Chicken Pox. The symptoms are already present.
    I think I really need your e-book.


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