Tips To Cure Chicken Pox Fast

Here’s a quick video on Tips To Cure Chicken Pox Fast that will give you some good tips on how to cure the contagious skin condition.

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The Chicken Pox will cause a full body rash and blisters that are extremely itchy if untreated, and can also risk severe scarring.

While some cases may be mild, others aren’t.  Here are some more advice on how to cure the Chicken Pox quickly.

cure chicken pox

In my opinion, using all natural health supplements are the best way to rid your body of this disease as quickly and as safely as possible. The herbs listed below are antiviral herbs that can support the body and help healing quickly.

  • Ledum tincture – diluted and dabbed onto spots with a cotton bud can give instant itch relief, and it also aids healing of the area.
  • Aloe Vera gel – relieves itching and generally cools.
  • Tumeric paste – soothes when applied directly to the spots.
  • Sandalwood – relieves itch, heals and cools.
  • Chickweed – relieves itch and soothes.
  • Calendula – relieves itch, heals the skin and helps prevent scarring.
  • Lavender – relieves itch, cools, heals the skin and prevents infection.
  • Vitamin E oil – another oil that provides relief from itching and helps heal.
  • Tea Tree Oil – provides amazing instant relief (also great when applied on mosquito bites).
  • Boneset – relieves the body ache and assists in lowering fevers.
  • Burdock – helps break fevers and reduces skin damage from the spots.
  • Nettle – strengthening tonic and exceptional skin healer.

You can use this herbs in several ways, one of which may be for a bath.  By combining these home remedies as a bathing procedure, you’re able to quickly eradicate any itchiness and help your body get rid of the rash faster than normal.  Some of the oils and pastes you can apply after a bath, which will speed up the healing process.

These home remedies are 100% natural and safe.  In fact, they’ve been around for centuries for curing many ailments and skin conditions.  The good news is they still work today, and are more effective than drugs or chemical lotions that your doctor might prescribe.

One good tip to cure Chicken Pox is to make a bath of burdock, nettle and peppermint.  Make it into a strong tea and then add it to a lukewarm bath.  You want to make sure you allow your body to soak and absorb the remedies for up to 15 minutes.  This will allow it to have full affect on your rash and itchiness.  Be careful when drying the blisters not to irritate them too much, as this can make things worse.

Also a lukewarm bath with neem leaves will help relieve the itching.

I have many, many more natural, home remedies and tips to cure Chicken Pox fast in my e-book program.  Make sure to check it out to learn more on how to get rid of this condition within days.

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  1. Thanks this definitely has helped us out a lot. My daughter just recently got chicken pox and I've been looking for a solution and your blog came up. I also got your book which was very useful too.

  2. This is really helpful.. I’ve been trying to remove the scars that pox have left un my skin. 

  3. Thanks for sharing that video Stefan, It really helps. Good Job!

  4. I am having a research about how to cure CHICKEN POX faster. And I am glad I have found your site. And I will buy your e-book for additional knowledge.


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