What To Do For Chicken Pox… Find Out Here!

what to do for chicken poxIn the treatment of Chicken Pox, it is actually not the medicine that fights the virus. Medication simply relieves the person of the symptoms. But it is actually your immune system that relieves you of the virus. Knowing this, it is important that you know what to do for Chicken Pox. Know your role and help your body fight the virus.

This skin condition can be very, very itchy. In fact, it can even lead to insomnia because of the intense itchiness at night. But scratching is the worst thing that you can do. And if you’re wondering what to do for Chicken Pox, the first thing that you should know is to avoid scratching as much as you can. Scratching facilitates the spread of the rashes. And it also increases that chance that you might infect other individuals in your home. It’s also best to treat the blisters and rashes like wounds. Scratching them may lead to infection since these are areas of your skin that are open. Other organism may easily enter through the rashes and invade your skin.

Another thing that answers what to do for Chicken Pox is to try to relieve the itchiness. There are quite a number of natural remedies to relieve itching. One of them is Calamine lotion. The lotion is applied on clean skin, and it is effective in temporarily stopping the itchiness. The application of Calamine lotion is very soothing. It can also facilitate the drying of blisters for quicker recovery.

As you have been told earlier, an infected individual should know what to do for Chicken Pox. Many people, or even doctors, may discourage taking a bath because it can be the cause of the spread of the disease. But if done the right way, bathing can actually be one of the most effective ways to treat the skin condition. An oatmeal bath would be helpful in treating the condition. This is done in order to relieve itching. Finely ground colloidal oatmeal such as aveeno may be used. But in case it is not available, you can use grind or blend dry oatmeal instead. A ½ cup to 1-cup baking soda may also be added in your bath water to reduce itching in the event that oatmeal is not available.

Now that you know what to do for Chicken Pox, treating the disease is very easy. You will also be able to prevent complications throughout the course of the infection.

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