When Is The Chicken Pox Contagious Period?

chicken pox contagiousIn the previous post, I outlined how to recognize Chicken Pox by proving various photos of Chicken Pox, so you can identify whether your child or yourself has the virus or not.

If you have the virus (or perhaps your child does), you might be wondering when is the virus contagious and how long does this Chicken Pox contagious period last for?  Great question!

The virus is the most contagious as soon as the first symptoms of a fever and aches occur.  This is much sooner then the actual rash and bumps break out.

When first infected by the virus, you will immediately begin to feel sick.  This means a fever, achecs, loss of appetite, fatigue, and a few more symptoms that aren't noticeable.  This is when the Chicken Pox contagious period begins.  It is recommended to stay away from people, as you can easily pass on this disease through germs.

In a matter of days or sometimes weeks, a itchy rash and blisters will begin to occur.   The Chicken Pox contagious period is highest 48 hours before the rash breaks out.  As soon as the rash happens, you slowly become less and less contagious to others.  However, it is still recommended to avoid people as there is still a chance to pass it on.

It usually takes about 10-21 days for all the blisters to scab over and heal.  After all the blisters and scabs are completely gone, the Chicken Pox contagious period is over and you are back to normal health.

Some parents have a "Chicken Pox Party" for their children, which is purposely bringing your child near another infected child during the contagious period to spread the disease.  This is OK to do, as virus is often less severe as a child.  But, keep in mind that many adults have been known to get the disease more than once and they need to take precaution.

So overall, the Chicken Pox contagious period lasts anywhere from 2-3 weeks on average, and much longer in cases where there may be a complication.  The best thing to do is to keep your child out of school for that period of time and make sure your child is getting proper care.

If your child has had the vaccine, this doesn't make you 100% immune to the virus.  Know that the Chicken Pox vaccine is only about 80-90% effective, so your child can still have the virus and still be contagious.

Finally, if you want to know tips on how to cure this contagious skin condition in only 3 days or less, check out the Fast Chicken Pox Cure book for detailed, step-by-step methods and remedies that are all safe and effective.


  1. is it not true that you can't catch chicken pox when the spots start to scab over?

  2. doctor said, its no longer contagious/infectious once the blisters dried/crusted over, cause scabs are just dried/crusted blister therefore if they're removed or scabbed out you'll just see your skin or it wont be passed on to the another person. they said, not to remove the scab on your own because you will have a scar from doing so, just let it by itself.

  3. I had chicken pox 3 weeks ago, i am 34 year old female. My husband and I are trying to gte pregnant – do i need to wait for the virus to leave my system before conceiving, how long?? I have recovered from the spots and am feeling better now???

  4. They said it’s really contagious in the┬álast┬ástages of the pox.

  5. I remembered before. I haven’t recognized what’s that chicken pox. But for now I know already what is it. Thanks for posting it here Stefan.

  6. I am 70years old and should i have my Granson with me he has Chicken Pox it will be 6 days when i see him

  7. If it is contagious,what should we do?


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